POST  api/bill/ID/{billID}/attach Back to API Home

Uploads attachment for BillID provided in URL. And returns attachment meta data with assigned attachmentID and a message indicating your bill is submitted or it requires any other documents. Please attach at least one bill document ("CMS1500" or "C4" or "UB04") and at least one supplemental report. To attach documents to rejected bill, you should update bill first. A successful update generates new BillID, then attach documents for that new BillID.

Valid Document Types

Resource URL{billID}/attach

Request Format

Request format should be form data.


required A valid billID value should present in URL as path variable.
required A valid Document Type ID is required to be associated with attachment. Please see the Valid Document Types for document type IDs.
required A valid PDF attachment required with name "file".

Example Request


Example Response

    "message": "Attachment uploaded successfully.. Your bill has been Submitted",
    "attachments": [
            "fileName": "1111-mod.pdf",
            "docType": "Bill and Supplemental Report",
            "attachmentID": "2014000064"

Error Response

For invalid requests (Eg:- a request with invalid request format will be refused by server), a string error message will be sent in response and with response code 4xx or 5xx. For data validation failures (Eg:- a valid request format but with insufficient data), a JSON string will be sent in response with key "errors". Multiple error messages are separated with comma. Each error message contains a description of failure.

    "errors": [
        "Invalid file. Please send a valid file with parameter name 'file'"