GET  api/claim/ID/{claimNumber} Back to API Home

Returns a JSON string of claim details for Claim Number provided in path.

Resource URL{claimNumber}


required The value of Claim Number is required.

Example Request


Example Response

     "name": "T***, K****",
     "claimNumber": "65672370",
     "firstName": "K***",
     "lastName": "T****",
     "ssn": "*****5848",
     "doi": "05/25/12"

Error Response

For invalid requests (Eg:- a request with invalid request format will be refused by server), a string error message will be sent in response and with response code 4xx or 5xx. For data validation failures (Eg:- a valid request format but with insufficient data), a JSON string will be sent in response with key "errors". Multiple error messages are separated with comma. Each error message contains a description of failure.

    "errors": [
        "No results found for this claim number"