COVID-19: Guidance for Telemedicine Claims   

Board Announces Mandatory Requirements Effective July 1, 2022.   

Claim submission made simple.

We are an authorized submission partner for the New York State Insurance Fund and Workers Compensation Board.

Submit electronic bills and documentation to New York State Insurance Fund at no cost.

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Submit CMS-1500 Form and attachments to the Board via XML submission.

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Solution Benefits

Faster Payment

On average, medical providers receive faster payment by opting to submit bills electronically.


Elect to go paperless and save yourself time and resources. Receive notifications when your submissions have been processed.

Submission Options

Manual web submission, standards-based EDI, REST APIs, data entry services – we offer a submission method to fit your needs.

Enhanced Security

HTTPS end-to-end, content encryption and two-step authentication integration provide enhanced security for transaction data.

Focused Interface

Sophisticated claims entry with smart forms validation to reduce data entry overhead and improve the self-service experience.

24/7 Support

We offer onboarding teams to get you up and running with ease, 24/7 email, and US-based phone support for technical issues.

Flexible, affordable solutions for all.

We offer solutions to meet the claim processing needs of all types of organizations.


Faster payment


Focused interface

Free submission to NYSIF

24/7 support


Pay-as-you-go pricing for WCB submission

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We offer variable pricing for organizations with specific needs. Standards-based EDI, REST APIs, data entry services – we have a solution to fit your needs.

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How do I start?

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What types of claims can I submit?

You can submit a CMS-1500 Form (Health Insurance Claim Form).


Do you provide payment status?

Not at this time. NYSIF claimants can find information on processed benefit payments at


Do you offer an API to submit claims in batch mode?

Yes. The eFileNYSClaims API is designed to enable authorized developers to submit claim data and attachments using the programming language of their choice (Java, .NET, Python, Ruby or PHP). You can also check claim status, look-up Carrier Claim Numbers, and enroll new providers with our API. Learn more

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