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Lookups given WCB Authorization Number in eFileNYSClaims database. If not exist then lookups in base data source. Returns a JSON string of provider details.

Resource URL


required WCB Authorization Number of desired provider.

Example Request


Example Response

    "state": "NY",
    "ein": null,
    "ssn": "***_**_1234",
    "wcbAuthNumber": "******-*",
    "licenseNumber": "******",
    "npiNumber": null,
    "address1": null,
    "address2": null,
    "city": "ALTAMONT",
    "regStatus": null,
    "orgName": null,
    "zipPlus": null,
    "providerName": "IRWIN, ROBERT",
    "zip": "12009"

Error Response

For invalid requests (Eg:- a request with invalid request format will be refused by server), a string error message will be sent in response and with response code 4xx or 5xx. For data validation failures (Eg:- a valid request format but with insufficient data), a JSON string will be sent in response with key "errors". Multiple error messages are separated with comma. Each error message contains a description of failure.

    "errors": [
        "No Provider found for this WCB Number"